24 January 2017 - Evénements


Music initiation for pre-schoolers

The aim of La Bulle d'Air is to use music to encourage personality development and means of expression in children from the age of 12 months. It organises musical activities relating to themes covered by the Musée du Léman.

From time to time children are brought to the Museum for sea shanties in the boats room, or nursery rhymes around the fish in the aquariums….

The workshops will be held every week on Thursday and Friday as follows:

9 to 9.50 am
Ages 2 to 3
Ages 2 to 3
10 to 10.50 am
Ages 1 to 2
Ages 1 to 2
11 to 11.50 am
Ages 3 to 4
Ages 3 to 4


Cédric Veillard, who has been conducting art workshops at La Bulle d'Air for several years now, will be your host; it was there that he trained in music initiation for pre-schoolers. He loves Brazilian music and dance and also teaches percussion.

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