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Lake Geneva Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre was created in 1998 thanks to the Ernest Dubois Foundation. It conserves and highlights a substantial encyclopaedic collection of material concerning the Lake and its culture.


The Documentation Centre is home to more than 3500 works, 320 reviews, 800 documentary records and a vast collection of iconographic sources.

It holds particularly well-endowed document collections on lake and river navigation, shipbuilding, fishing, limnology, the flora and fauna of Lake Geneva, ecology and water quality, water sports and leisure activities, in particular the F.A. Forel, A. and J. Piccard, H. Copponex, F. Graeser, A. Fragnière and L.E. Favre collections.


The Documentation Centre can be accessed by appointment. Two work places equipped with computers are available. Books and recent reviews can be freely accessed on the spot. For access to the other documents a prior request is required. Borrowing is not permitted.


Users will be billed for any research or document reproduction by the Museum.

Centre de documentation du Léman

Quai Louis-Bonnard 8
CH-1260 Nyon – Suisse

Tél. + 41 (0)22 316 42 57

Le centre de documentation est accessible sur rendez-vous.

Access to the Documentation Centre is by appointment.

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