24 January 2017 - Evénements


Birthdays at the Museum

For your child’s birthday: an attractive room for the birthday tea and fun activities. All you have to think about is the cake, the drinks and the table decoration.

NEW "Tout baigne", a special children party with the temporary exhibition: 8-12 year olds

The children visit the exhibition and make a t-shirt of personnal rescuer, then they eat their party lunch!

The Perfect Fisherman: 5-6 year olds

The children learn to recognise different kinds of fish from observation in the course of fishing games. At the end each child receives a certificate in his or her name and a small

Crafting the Lake: 5-10 year olds

Drawing and craft activities for the children involving some of the Museum’s topics.

Junior Lake Pirates: 7-12 year olds

Treasure hunts through the Museum’s rooms and collections for fun discovery of the topics covered. There will be a gift for every ship’s boy/girl in the treasure they find.

Pirates, the return! 7-12 year olds

For those who love the first animation, discover news adventures!

The mermaid of the lake, 7-12 year olds

The mermaid of the lake celebrates her anniversary to the museum. Unfortunately, Lemmie, the famous monster of the Geneva lake, stole the cake. The guest have to prove their dexterity and their and their knowledge to find it. A little gift will reward each of the participants.

The submarine, 8-12 year olds

Make a submarine from a simple bottle and understand how works a submarine

Animation and room: 130.- and 5.- by children - Max 12 children

For your events

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