24 January 2017 - Evénements


The Musée du Léman in brief


Nature and culture of Lake Geneva, one of the largest lakes in Western Europe (fauna, flora, aquariums, fishing, sailing, wrecks, submarines, arts). Collections: Aldo Balmas (model building), Louis-Ernest Favre (sailing), François-Alphonse Forel (limnology), Abraham Hermanjat (painting), Jacques and Auguste Piccard (submarines), Henri Copponex and André Fragnière (naval architecture).

Surface area

1000 m2 of permanent and temporary exhibitions; in addition, administrative and technical premises, covered premises for cultural property and a depot for the collections.


21,533 visitors in 2011, 43 per cent of them children. More than half a million since 1978. Open 313 days a year.

Lake Geneva and the protection of nature

Creation of awareness of ongoing challenges: combating pollution, maintaining the aquatic flora and fauna and the water quality of Lake Geneva.

Preserving the heritage of Lake Geneva

Incorporation and presentation of the sciences and technologies of the Lake with their considerable naval, subaquatic and limnological heritage and the “people of the lake” – the populations who keep them alive.