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Auguste and Jacques Piccard, Bertrand Piccard collection

Since the 1930s the Piccards have distinguished themselves in exploits of international renown that have influenced scientific and technological communities everywhere in the world.
Their achievements include:
  • ·         The construction of watertight pressurised cabins and several first flights in the stratosphere …
  • ·         the construction of a number of bathyscaphes and mesoscaphes and the exploration of deep-sea trenches with the setting in 1960 of an unprecedented record dive of 10 916 metres into the Mariana Trench …
  • ·         Balloon construction and the first non-stop round the world trip
  • ·         The construction of a solar plane for the first round the world trip using solar energy
In 1999, Jacques Piccard’s wish was to find a single location in Switzerland to group all the family archives, so that the memory of these exploits could be permanently exhibited and the considerable collection of family archives preserved. He approached the Musée du Léman in Nyon which had shown an interest in his work for many years and had organised several exhibitions and publications on the Piccard family’s inventions. On the death of Jacques Piccard in 2008, his entire collection of documents, photos and objects – three van-loads in volume – thus arrived in Nyon for storage in the town’s Cultural Property Depot.
The Museum team immediately got down to the major job of sorting and organising the material.
After two years of work, a first inventory of the collection records over:


  •           1 900 plans for submarines
  • ·         9 000 photographs or slides (counting is still going on)
  • ·         700 films, video or audio tapes
  • ·         2 000 books and monographs
  • ·         100 miscellaneous files
  • ·         500 objects of various kinds, ranging from personal effects such as uniforms to the unique remains of the various submarines and balloons, as well as research materials required for the construction of the various craft and scientific samples collected during explorations …
Partnerships were formed with the Cinémathèque Suisse for the preservation of old films and with the Phonothèque Suisse for the audio tapes. Other partnerships were established with the institutions exhibiting the various inventions so as to make the most of the vast collection.
Today the entire collection has been organised and now requires a more thorough investigation.


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