24 January 2017 - Evénements


4 April 2016 - Prochaine exposition


NEW : The workshops of the ML 1 January 2016 - Evénements

NEW : The workshops of the ML

Artistic workshops for children from 6 years and adults All the 1ers on Thursday of every months during all year. Themes of workshops in...



Lake Geneva boats

Lake Geneva boats

Enrich the Lake Geneva's heritage...

Noviodunum projet

Noviodunum projet

Enlarging the « Musée du Leman »

 The foundation for the Leman Museum has been created on July 16th, 2013.

Its main target is to contribute and take part to all activities aiming to develop the museum.

 Executive Office :

  Foundation Coucil :

  Architecure and engineering offices participating at the contest in 2014 , financed by a generous donor :

  The winning project :

Documentary explaining the project :

 To support us :



2 March 2017

Les ateliers du musée - poissons d'avril

Création de poissons d'avril...

6 April 2017

Les ateliers du Léman - personnalise ton nichoir

Dessin d'observation devant...

4 May 2017

Les ateliers du musée - fabrique ton koinobori

Observation des carpes et...

Support us

Support us

Do you want to support the Musée du Léman?

Join the AMN and/or make a donation to the Geneva Lake Museum.

The "Association des Amis des Musées de Nyon" raises funds for:

- support the acquirement, preservation and enhancement of the Museum's collections,

- Develop the Museums infrastructures

- Encourage donations, legacies and all type of Sponsorship